Module #3: Shoot a Video Sequence

Objective: Plan, record, and edit a sequence of FOUR video shots that follow a focus statement

1. Choose from one of the following focus statements: 

Students read books, Students recycle paper, Students drink water, Students type essays.

2. Plan a sequence of FOUR shots (Must be Wide, Medium, Tight and Extreme Close-up)

3. Record your sequence shots (Hold shots steady for at least 10-15 seconds)

4. Import your shots to a non-linear video editor (Final Cut or Adobe Premiere)

5. Build a sequence in your editor, using your recorded shots, that maintains a good flow of action. Add titles and music to your sequence. (label wide, medium, tight, etc..)

6. Export your sequence and upload it to a new page under your projects tab.

7. Name your new page Module 3 so the instructor can locate it for grading.

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