NESPA - Special Contest on LOCALIZING - 2016

When you show how the issues that affect people in your state, your country or around the world also affect people in your own school community, that's localizing. NHS-TV is submitting the following stories for consideration in the NESPA Special Contest on Localizing.

"To Stand or Not"

by: Tim Rose & Robert Bussiere

"Doing the Dual"

By: Nick Parkinson & Rose Campbell

"Finding Forever Homes

by: Ryan Crowley & Ally Naumann

"Picture Perfect"

by: Mary Erickson & Amanda Rooney

PSA: "Check the Facts"

By: Brendan Hurley, Ryan DiSalvo, Pat O'Donnell  & Dan French

"No So Private"

by: Jessie Krall & Megan Giambanco

"Everyone is Strong"

by: Alli Kelleher, Madi McDonough, Lexi Hatch & Jenny King

"Traffic Jam"

by: Myra Hines & Mark Dunn

"League of Women Voters"

by: Meghan ring & Alessandra VAron

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